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Massage Therapy

Massages are no longer considered to be an indulgence. A growing amount of research supports massage therapy for health and wellness, and a safer alternative to pain medications and invasive procedures. Many healthcare providers and hospitals have begun to routinely incorporate massage therapy into their treatment plans. Regularly scheduled therapy sessions are proving to have a substantial impact on overall health and wellbeing.


At Nature’s Healthway, you will feel awakened, balanced and restored in our relaxing environment with our skilled Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT). Whether you want to pamper yourself with a relaxing massage, or have more specific therapeutic health-building needs, our LMT’s are here to serve you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



Some of the many health benefits of Massage Therapy include:

•    Relieving stress and anxiety

•    Supporting cardiovascular health

•    Detoxifying the lymphatic system

•    Strengthening muscles and reducing pain levels

•    Performance enhancement

•    Increasing cognitive functions

•    Improving range of motion & flexibility

•    Decreasing fatigue and insomnia

•    Promoting overall wellness and wellbeing


How often should I schedule a Massage?

Clients with ongoing health issues report regularly scheduled Massage Therapy to be the most beneficial with managing their symptoms. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to maximize the health benefits.

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