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Client Consultations


We know that no two people are the same, therefore we work closely with our clients. Your initial consultation will last approximately 2 hours. It’s important we have plenty of time to address all of your concerns. During this visit, we will obtain detailed information so we may gain an in-depth understanding of your current health status, dietary intake, medical and family history, and your health goals for the future. We will customize a plan that works best for you so you may gain the freedom to take control of your own health, and begin your personal journey on the path to wellness. The cost of supplements, herbs and homeopathics is separate and will depend on your individualized health-building plan. If you are unable to travel to our Holistic Wellness Center, we offer phone consultations as well as Skype and/or FaceTime consults. Call us today and start taking healthy steps to a better you!

BioEnergetic Assessments/EAV Testing

Each of our client consultations include a noninvasive advanced BioEnergetic Assessment (BEA). This is a valuable biofeedback computer-based system used to measure the energetic patterns of each organ and system in the body through “pathways” of energy, called meridians which flow throughout the body. BEA can provide a powerful, energetic insight into the physiology, biochemistry, and pathology of each individual. This makes the perfect tool to assist in creating the most effective supplementation protocols for your personal wellness program. Often times health imbalances can be present in the electromagnetic field long before they manifest themselves as physical symptoms. Even though our BEA device is not a diagnostic instrument, it is one of the most exciting tools being used today in integrative health care. Ongoing research confirms the ability to detect degrees of inflammation, degeneration, and stress present in the body using electromagnetic biofeedback. This offers a perspective complementary to biochemistry-based medicine into a wide range of puzzling health-related issues, making it a vital part of your personal health maintenance. Call now to schedule your BioEnergetic Assessment.

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